Rescue trying to save as many golden retrievers as possible from meat trade in China


MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCMH) — A rescue group in Minnesota is trying to do everything possible to retrieve as many golden retrievers as they can from China’s meat trade.

KARE reported an estimated 10 million dogs are killed for their meat each year in China, according to information from Retrieve a Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM).

Nicole Stundzia, a member of RAGOM’s board of directors, says most of those dogs aren’t bred for meat. They are stolen.

She recently took a trip to China to rescue some dogs.

“I learned while I was over there, they don’t walk dogs on leashes,” Stundzia said. “So it’s very easy for somebody to jump out of a truck, grab a dog, jump in, and drive off.”

According to its website, RAGOM has rescued and re-homed more than 9,000 golden retrievers and golden retriever mixes since 1985.

One such dog is named Mama, who Stundzia rescued during that trip.

RAGOM village kind of rallied together and a volunteer was kind enough to go over there with her husband and daughter and they were able to bring Mama back with four others, Stundzia said. “It’s unbelievable to me that she made it back there.”

RAGOM says Mama is already enjoying running around and playing in the yard.

“She loves the affection of her foster family but flinches around sudden movements,” the group said on its website.

Stundzia says she plans on going back to rescue more dogs.

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