RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It means a lot for artists to be recognized by their peers, but Angelica Garcia was in shock when she opened her phone to see former President Barack Obama had included her in his favorite songs of the year list.

Her song, entitled ‘Jícama,’ is a single on her upcoming album expected to be released next month. Garcia said she had no idea that it would ever be as big as it is now.

“I didn’t think it would catch the attention of somebody that big,” Garcia said. “I was half alive and my phone kept going ‘buzz buzz buzz’ and I’m like what is going on?”

The City of Richmond gave her the platform she needed to take the next step as an artist.

“I moved to Richmond in 2015 on my own. I was looking for an arts community.” Garcia said. “In a lot of ways, ending up in Richmond was accidental but it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. The way that I met a lot of people is through the open-mic night at Cary St. Cafe.”

The musician spent much of her early life in California, before moving to RVA. Eventually, she signed with Spacebomb Records: an independent record label based here in the city.

Up next, she says, is her highly anticipated album release. Garcia says to expect it on streaming platforms soon.

Despite the impressive recognition, Garcia knows her family will keep her humble.

“My grandmother’s house, she has this big piano in the living room and I always thought it was funny that none of the grandkids are on the piano, but she had one pic of Obama,” Garcia said. “I didn’t even make it on the piano!

Garcia reflects on her Grandmother’s piano

To watch her music video of ‘Jícama,’ click here.

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