RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond’s Urban Design Committee will review a proposal that places a detention pond on the city’s south side.

A detention pond, which serves a different purpose from a retention pond, is usually in areas with a lot of land to accumulate water and slowly drain it through an outlet.

The Richmond Department of Public Utilities said the project, if approved, will support their efforts to do drainage improvements on Norborne Road.

However, the department did not respond to 8News’ follow-up questions about the proposed plan on Wednesday, Dec. 21.

According to the Urban Design Committee Review application, the design of the city drainage improvements on Norborne Road revealed that those changes could cause flooding downstream.

Some people living near the woody lot on Pompey Spring Road are pushing back against the detention pond.

Rick Johnson said they weren’t notified by the city before considering this plan.

“We’re concerned about the manner in which it was brought into the neighborhood without any input or care or concern. We really feel disrespected,” he said. “It’s an exorbitant amount of money to kill mature trees.”

The city has held some public hearings this year beginning in November, but Johnson said he’s never received flyers or any other form of notification.

Jewel Ragsdale’s home is directly next to the nearly two-acre woody lot.

“I think there are other opportunities to resolve the problem in this area. The flooding issues,” she said, “I’m not too happy about it.”

The costs for the detention pond, if the project moves forward, could reach approximately $4 million, Ragsdale said.

She added that she’s concerned about the detention pond depositing stormwater into their street.

Neighbors also think the project would force crews to tear down trees, and that the pond would not be maintained like it should, which could bring down the property value of their homes.

“It will become an eye sore, a mosquito pit, a health problem and a danger to the community,” Johnson said.

There are more than a dozen homes on Pompey Spring Road.

The Urban Design Committee will review the city’s proposal again on Jan. 5, 2023.