RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — AARP is warning the public to stay on the lookout, and to be aware of a possible increase in Medicare scammers as the topic once again makes its way through Congress.

With democrats expected to submit legislative language on their Medicare plan to the Senate’s parliamentarian soon, AARP is warning the public that criminals are listening in, hoping to cash in.

AARP described one recurring scam involving someone impersonating Medicare, who calls to say the agency is moving to plastic cards. According to AARP, the scammers then ask to verify your Medicare number to give out the new card.

“This is how criminals collect thousands of Medicare numbers that are ultimately used to fraudulently bill Medicare or to sell to others who will use the numbers for medical procedures,” AARP said in the release.

AARP said that Medicare will not call people out of the blue and if you believe you’ve fallen victim to a Medicare scam, report it to Medicare at 800-633-4227.