NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — New Kent County residents should check their call logs for this week. The New Kent Sheriff’s Office reported that multiple citizens have been contacted via phone by a person claiming to be a member of the law enforcement office.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, on Wednesday, March 1, several New Kent residents received calls from the phone number 757-317-5406. The caller claimed to be with the “civil division” of the Office and often used the names of real Sheriff’s deputies to identify themselves. The person behind the number also set up a voicemail informing the caller they had reached New Kent Sheriff’s Office.

The person behind this number reportedly told would-be victims that they had a grand jury summons or that they owed money. Sometimes, people were even asked to record civil depositions over the phone.

The New Kent Sheriff’s Office emphasized that this was a scam, and to not engage if they were contacted by this phone number. The Office also reminded residents that their office, just like any other law enforcement agency, does not contact people over the phone for court summons or money collection.

If you have any questions, concerns, or were a victim of one of these calls, you are asked to call the Sheriff’s office at 804-966-9500 — a number that is notably different from the scam number.