RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — People with loved ones inside of correctional facilities will sometimes send them inmate care packages but a person ran into a problem trying to send a gift to someone at the Richmond City Justice Center recently.

According to the Richmond City Sheriff’s Office, they received a call from someone saying that they had ordered an inmate commissary package, also called a care package, from but it was never delivered.

After looking into it, the sheriff’s office determined the website was not legitimate. The office called the website a “scam” saying that people should not use it.

There have been over 250 complaints similar to the Richmond one reported to the Better Business Bureau about the website. People reported undelivered orders and issues obtaining refunds.

The sheriff’s office says the thing that should tip people off about the website is that it states that credits cannot be used to make purchases. Instead the website asks that people use less refundable methods including Zelle, Cashapp or a money order.

People looking to purchase commissary items for loved ones at the Richmond City Justice Center are encouraged to use the Access Securepak webpage instead and then select Virginia and select Jail-Richmond Package Program-VA.