GOOCHLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Goochland County Sheriff’s Office is warning people that there has been an increase in remote access scams in the Goochland area. These scams target people’s personal and financial information, often resulting in large monetary losses.

The sheriff’s office says these scams involve the scammer either creating a pop-up ad or placing a phone call in which they act as an employee of a company such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple. They then convince the victim that they have a technical or billing issue that they will need remote access to their account to resolve.

Once the victim allows remote access, the scammer will be able to view files with personal information, financial accounts, passwords and more. The GCSO says this often leads to the theft of large amounts of money.

GCSO warns residents to look out for calls or messages claiming someone has detected an issue in their system. These requests include someone asking you to log in to check on something or change a certain setting. The scammer may also ask for more details about what kind of device you’re using or ask for a link allowing access.

They also warn people could receive emails from one of these phony tech support workers with a phone number for the victim to call a representative, once the person calls that is when the scammer will request remote access.

To prevent these scammers from reaching you, GCSO encourages people to remember the following tips:

  • Don’t give anyone access to devices or private information unless you know for a fact it is legitimate
  • Be aware that just because a phone number seems real, it might not be
  • Take devices in-person for tech support