(WRIC) — A South Carolina fourth grader is being called a hero this morning after saving his 10-year-old classmate’s life when he was choking.

Damariyon Pichardo, 10, and Thomas Adkins were eating lunch together when things quickly turned scary: Thomas starting choking on his chicken nuggets and he couldn’t breathe.

That’s when Damariyon stepped in to help, remembering what his mother, who is a nurse, taught him.

“My mom, she went to nursing school and then like she taught us how to do it before and then that came to mind when he started choking,” Damariyon said. “I was scared after I helped him, because he still was kind of red.”

Both boys didn’t let the close call change their thoughts on the menu. They say they still like and will continue eating chicken nuggets.

Pichardo said with a laugh, “I like the chicken nuggets.”