Drivers frustrated with DMV delays, appointments months out

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There are mounting delays at the DMV and drivers have reached out to 8News frustrated. Virginia DMV centers are slowly reopening after a shut down during the start of the pandemic. However, visits are by appointment only and drivers have said you might not be getting in until Halloween.

In Henrico, Noah Scholle saved his money for his dream car but starting the red Mustang’s engine is about all he can do. “As nice as it looks, it’s kind of useless right now,” Scholle told 8News.

He bought the car from private dealer and needs to register it and get plates but the DMV told Scholle and his dad Patrick that could take months.

“Their next available appointment isn’t until the week of Halloween,” P. Scholle said.

There are some options for titling and registering a car by mail. The Scholle’s tried that. They filled out a form and mailed in a check. Noah says, “At the very least, if they could let us know what the status of the check is.”

“It goes into a black hole and you never see it or hear anything from the DMV,” P. Scholle added.

So far, Noah’s sweet new car must stay parked in the driveway. “It’s just been sitting here for the past three weeks,” he said. His father doesn’t understand why the DMV isn’t all virtual.

“They are operating like a 19th century post office, stand in line, mail in stuff,” P. Scholle told 8News.

8News has heard from others who have been trying to register a car since early July but the earliest appointment is Sept. 28. They tell us when asking about the mail option for registration, they were told the DMV is “grossly behind with the mail.” Another driver reached out to 8News telling us his driver’s license is about to expire but it will be October before he can get an appointment.

8News reached out to the DMV. “We are feeling those growing pains just as everyone else is in this pandemic,” said DMV spokesperson Jessica Cowardin. She says the DMV is opening new offices every day and advises customers to check in daily.

“Keeping checking every day, we’re adding appointments to the system,” Cowardin recommended. She also said despite the other reports, the mail option is averaging about a two week turnaround.

In the meantime, Noah is paying insurance on a car he can’t drive. “I am just throwing money away,” he told 8News.

The DMV also recommends that customers take a look at DMV Select and DMV Connect for scheduling appointments. DMV Select is a partner agencies and DMV Connect is an outreach program.

It’s also suggested that booking an appointment outside your community could help. We’re told traveling a few extra miles to where there is an opening could get you an earlier appointment.

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