RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — In what appears to have been a last-minute Hail Mary attempt to score points with the City of Richmond and a city judge, 8News spotted Dalvonne Deveaux racing to dump a mound of tires into a U-Haul, just moments before he was due in court on Tuesday.

“Police say you were scamming people and scamming businesses,” 8News Investigator Kerri O’Brien said when confronting Deveaux. “Were you?”

“Police say what they want to say,” he replied.

What happened? Why where there 1500 tires in your yard?,” 8News questioned.

“Because they’re my tires,” Deveaux responded.

“But you know that is a health hazard and against the law, right?” 

Deveaux repled, “Ok Well.”

Deveaux was arrested in February and charged with a felony for the 1500 tires that spanned across the entire backyard of the Southside home he’s renting.

Richmond police claim he was duping business owners by collecting their money and the tires with the understanding he would properly dispose of them.

8News Investigator Kerri O’Brien continued to press Deveaux for answers about his race to clean up the mess of tires on Tuesday.

“So how do we know you are going to properly dispose of them now?” Kerri asked.

But Deveaux didn’t respond.

“You can’t tell us where you are going to take them?” 8News asked again.

“Virginia Recycling, where I am supposed to take them,” Deveaux said. “I don’t know why, why y’all coming here?”

“Because you’re supposed to be in court in 30 minutes, facing a felony charge,” 8News replied.

“I know where I am supposed to be in 30 minutes,” Deveaux said.

Muddy and wet from the tires, Deveaux made to the courthouse just in time.

In court, 8News learned Deveaux’s landlord picked up the tab for the cleanup and U-Haul’s to truck the tires out.

“I don’t like the way I was bashed on TV, saying I’m scamming people,” Deveaux said. “There’s really for me nothing to say because everybody thinks I am a scamming.”

Since the clean up was in progress, the City dismissed the felony charge but the judge ruled it all has to be cleaned up within 30 days and Deveaux has to stay out of trouble for the next three years or that felony charge could come back.