Henrico man linked to Sneak Foot has a history of business complaints

Taking Action

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — In an update to an ongoing 8News investigation, 8News has uncovered the local man connected to an online retailer accused of not fulfilling orders has a history of business complaints. 8News has been digging deeper into the online shop, Sneak Foot, ever since the Better Business Bureau first put out an alert.

The online store www.sneakfoot.com was once https://godseysupply.us/. The CEO of that company is Justin Godsey, a Henrico resident who once claimed he had absolutely no connection to Sneak Foot.

“I came to the conclusion that this guy had been scamming lots of people,” said a Godsey Supply customer. This man, who we are not naming for fear of retaliation, says he purchased about 15 pairs of name-brand sneakers from Godsey Supply LLC in 2019. “At the end of the day, the sneakers never arrived,” he said.

The website for Godsey Supply looked very similar to the site for Sneak Foot, said the customer. “Page layout, product information, everything was set out very, very similar to one another.”

Both sites are now down. Shopify, which allows people to set up online stores, confirmed to 8News that both Sneak Foot and Godsey Supply stores are offline based on our internal investigation.  They said in a statement:

“Shopify believes in making commerce better for everyone, and we take concerns around the goods and services made available by merchants on our platform very seriously. We have multiple teams who handle potential violations of Shopify’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which clearly outlines the activities not permitted on Shopify’s platform. We don’t hesitate to action stores when found in violation.”

Up until last week, Godsey Supply even had a post with the same message and font as the one posted on Sneak Foot last week promising refunds on outstanding orders.

“Godsey Supply started getting complaints with the Better Business Bureau from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars. By 2020, it suddenly morphed into Sneak Foot,” said Barry N Moore, President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia. Moore says the complaints about the online sneaker shop ranged from receiving the wrong items to items not even being received by a consumer.

State Corporation Commission records show Godsey Supply LLC is registered to Justin Godsey, the same man who, outside his Glen Allen home surrounded by expensive luxury cars, first tried to deny any connection to Sneak Foot.

“I just sell stock. That’s what I do for a living,” said Godsey.

He flipped us off when we asked him about Sneak Foot and why his home address is linked to the company on SCC documents. After seeing we had records that proved otherwise, he came clean.

He told us, “All I did was handle finances for them and I delegated stuff over, that’s it.”

The SCC records also show Godsey Supply, which was created in 2019, went inactive by the end of July 2020. Just a few days prior, Sneak Foot went active just as those complaints about Godsey Supply piled up.

“It’s amazing when you turn the lights on in a dark room and you watch the cockroaches scurry away,” said Moore.

While Godsey alleges to just be an investor with Sneak Foot, in an apology letter to Godsey Supply customers, shared with 8News, Godsey notes he’s the “sole operator” and “Chief Executive Officer” of the company.

In addition, page history for Sneak Foot’s Facebook page, shows it was previously the Godsey Supply page.

The Godsey Supply customer told us, “His claims that he has no involvement are absolutely ridiculous.”

Meantime, the complaints about Sneak Foot continue to climb.

“It is closing in on 500 complaints,” said Moore.

One week after Sneak Foot promised customers a refund for all outstanding orders dozens of customers tell us, they still haven’t seen a penny.

“It’s not small money anymore, or at least not for us,” said Krishna Mehra.   He along with Shannon Quadros in India and Dhiren Jain in Canada, operate their own middle-man sneaker business. They re-sell designer sneakers to customers in India and Dubai.

“We placed some massive, massive orders,” explained Quadros. They are now out about $30,000

“The first couple of orders, I placed out of my personal account did show up,” said Quadros.

At first, they say Sneak Foot’s service was good. This is not surprising to Moore. He said, “Throw a little bit a bait out and we pull the fish a little bit closer and a little bit closer and then we throw out a really good bait. And hopefully, we hook one.”

Hooked they were.  Sales records show the group placed orders for about 70 more pairs – that they say never arrived. When they followed up with Sneak Foot, they say they just stopped responding and deleted posts on multiple sites when they tried to question them or share their story on reviews. The loss is a setback for their business.

Jain says, “We lost all the money that we had invested in this.”

The men filed a complaint with Virginia’s Attorney General, the Federal Trade Commission and BBB but so far no one’s been able to help then get their money back. As for that Godsey Supply customer and his refund, he tells us Godsey sent him an e-check though PayPal.

“The money never ended up transferring through,” he said. The check bounced.

PayPal won’t disclose details but confirm to 8News Justin Godsey and Shannon Forsyth,- who lives with Godsey and is listed as the Director of Sneak Foot, both had their PayPal accounts restricted for user agreement violations. The Godsey customer did eventually get a chargeback through his credit card.

8News did not reach back out to Justin Godsey for this story. In a flurry of emails from Godsey, after our first story, he told us not to contact him.  He also said that he filed a restraining order against us.

Godsey also accused us of changing the context of our exchange at his home last week. So, 8News has placed the full encounter in its entirety unedited online. Watch here:

In the meantime, Moore encourages everyone to do their research before they shop and check the BBB’s Scamtracker site.  The number one scam last year according to the BBB was online sales.

“Let’s just call it what it is, their low life’s. They don’t care who they rip off and they don’t care how much you suffer, said Moore about those who prey on customers online.

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