Homeowner says new Wawa construction is damaging her Henrico home

Taking Action

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Another Henrico resident has reached out to 8News claiming construction of a new Wawa is damaging her home and property. Two weeks ago, 8News reported that several other homeowners are claiming the construction is causing their homes to crack. 

This latest homeowner, Maryann Carney, says she not only has a crack in her house, but she’s also lost her privacy and claims construction crews have been trashing her yard. 8News spotted tires, a carpet and other debris. 

“When they dug all this out, they unearthed all this trash, bottles, brick,” says Carney.

The Henrico homeowner says the trash started piling up when construction crews began clearing the Parham Road lot to make way for a new Wawa.

“They just dug it up and hauled on my side of the property,” she says.

Trash isn’t this her only concern, crews took out the trees. Carney tells us, “The was nice shady, tall, pine trees, oak trees, maple tree,  just beautiful woods and now it’s this.”

The lot has always been zoned commercial and a BP gas station used to sit here. We checked out a Google image of the property and could see that old BP surrounded by a lush green canopy.

“The BP was fine because there was a huge cushion of trees. It is just devastating to lose your privacy like this,” said Carney.

The County Supervisor for the Three Chopt District, Tommy Branin, told 8News the community wanted a gas station and it’s adding jobs to the area. Except, neighbors did petition against a Wawa.

8News did a little digging and found Branin has received campaign donations from the developer Rebkee. Branin told 8News he sees no conflict of interest and adds he’s denied more Rebkee projects than he’s approved. 

Branin isn’t the only supervisor who voted on the Wawa project. 8News also learned one other supervisor has received campaign donations from the developer Rebkee.

Inside Carney’s home, she even shudders over the project.

“They brought in a big roller machines. All of a sudden we heard a big bang from the construction site and next thing you know the whole house started rattling like it was an earthquake. And even the dishes in the cabinet were rattling,” she said.

Just as her neighbors had told us, the homeowner says the vibrations from the work are causing her house to shake and crack. Carney points out a crack over her kitchen sink and says, “I noticed there was a crack starting from there going all the way to there.”

Branin told 8News he’s pressing for this to be looked at and resolved. We’re also told county inspectors are taking a look.

“I would love for them to get the trash up for one and put a protective fence around,” said Carney.

Again, 8News reached out to Wawa and today we were given this statement: “As we’ve said, with every new store we build, we have a long tradition of listening to our neighbors, communities and responding to questions and concerns. We will listen to all concerns and address any issues within our control. Ultimately, it is our goal to bring new jobs, services and the sense of community that will make every Wawa store a true community asset.”

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