How much will it cost to fix Richmond’s crumbling streets?

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Fixing the crumbling roads in Richmond comes with a hefty price tag.

The plan to smooth out Richmond streets depends on city council voting to dedicate $16 million for paving.

Residents say the roads can’t get paved fast enough.

As far as where the money will come from, a few ideas include a 50 cent cigarette tax.

“I just got a new car and it’s doing some damage,” Taylor Wright of Midlothian said. “The potholes here are really bad. Just the unevenness of the streets.” 

Wright commutes to the city to train dogs, not only does she say the commute a headache but she also has to keep her eyes on the uneven sidewalks while working.

“If it was in my neighborhood or something I could just walk and worry about normal things like oh is a squirrel going to run? Is my dog going to run,” Wright said. “But here I have to ultimately think, I have to navigate first and then my priorities. That’s always hard.”

Throughout the West End, 8News found rough streets and potholes. Neighboorhood streets off Cherokee Road are also in needs of an upgrade.

“So many potholes on this road,”  City Council Member Kristen Larson said. “That the asphalt is being held together with the potholes and it’s extremely bumpy.”

Larson told 8News that for years the credit cards were maxed out to pay for repairs. Now, city council’s vote could be the first step to fixing Richmond streets.

“There is a plan on how that money is spent..and that the plan is multi-year,” Larson said.

The Department of Public Works has already made a list of at least 19 neighborhoods throughout the city that will take priority if the council can come to an agreement.

As of now, crews repair close to 200 potholes a day.

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