RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Now a Truist Bank customer, Glen Allen resident Tabetha Anthony said she’s now thinking of switching banks because she has run into so many issues with Truist.

She said she did not receive her new debit card in time and when she did, her old SunTrust card and the new Truist card both were declined on several transactions.

“They’re letting all of us down,” Anthony said.

After learning about customers’ complaints, 8News posted a note on our Facebook page asking people to share stories about their experiences during the SunTrust and BB&T merger into Truist Bank. Hundreds of Truist customers flooded the 8News Facebook page, email and phones Tuesday with issues they had been having with the company since the merger.

Like other customers, Anthony described transactions disappearing from her account and sometimes being added back in later.

“They will take money out of my account for a transaction but not log it on my account, so the math just doesn’t add up,” she explained.

Anthony said Truist Bank will process transactions overnight, sometimes causing an overdraft fee if there’s not enough in the account.

“Say you check your account before you go to bed and your account is current and everything is good; your account can go negative overnight if something were to come out that you didn’t expect,” she said.

Each time she calls corporate to answer her questions, it’s an hours-long wait to speak to someone. “I was on the phone for almost three hours,” she said.

Hundreds of Truist customers reached out to 8News with complaints of issues they’ve had with Truist Bank since their merger. (Photo: 8News)

After learning about customers’ complaints, 8News posted a note on our Facebook page and asked people to share stories about their experiences with us as well.

Quinton resident and Truist Bank customer Eugene Snow and his wife have had similar issues with the company. “She was on hold for several hours. I think she said like four hours that day,” Snow said about the time his wife called corporate to ask questions.

Truist spokesperson, Brian Boudreaux, ignored 8News’ request for an interview with Truist officials twice, sending a statement that reads, “Some of our clients experienced challenges as part of our transition to Truist and we’re deeply sorry for the stress and frustration this has caused. We’ve worked diligently to provide each and every client with the care and attention they deserve, and we’re here to help with any individual issues our clients still may be experiencing.”

Customers like Anthony said they’re ready to switch banks. “This is not how SunTrust conducted business,” Anthony said.

She said since the merger, there’s been plenty of time for Truist to anticipate and avoid these issues. “They’ve had three years to come up with a seamless plan,” Anthony explained.

The Truist spokesperson also said customers can contact them, despite several customers spending hours on the phone trying to reach the company.