HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Henrico County radiologist’s medical license has been suspended. 

On May 20, the Virginia Board of Medicine wrote a 60-page document accusing Dr. Michael Bigg of telling 18 women they didn’t have breast cancer — when they actually did.

Now, some of those women are having trouble getting the care they need. After Dr. Bigg’s license was suspended, the Allison Breast Center, which he owns, closed. 

Women are reaching out to 8News and saying they’ve been unable to access their medical records since the late May closure. It’s been a month of stress for Brigette Newberry, who beat breast cancer after getting diagnosed in 2007. 

“There are hundreds of women who are affected by this. It’s not just me,” she said. “It’s anxiety like crazy.”

The document, dated May 20, was signed by the Virginia Board of Medicine’s Executive Director Dr. William Harp and details all of the allegations against Dr. Bigg. The allegations involve 18 women.

Dr. Harp writes that Bigg told the women they didn’t have breast cancer when they really did, among other accusations against him.

“Dr. Bigg is incompetent to practice medicine and surgery,” the document states. 

Newberry said she has to make sure that her cancer isn’t coming back. She was supposed to get an annual mammogram soon, but the office is deserted. She said the Allison Breast Center has 20 years of her medical records. 

“I’ve tried going over there, I’ve tried writing letters, I’ve written many letters. Last Saturday, I wrote letters, signed letters, took them to the building and taped them on the walls,” she said.

Without her records, “I will have to undergo new biopsies,” she said. That’s often a painful, emotional, expensive process. 

“I found out yesterday that’s going to cost me $1,900,” the breast cancer survivor said. 

8News is trying to track someone from the office down. No one has been seen around Allison Breast Center in weeks, Newberry said. 8News tried calling the office and no one answered.

The voice recording says they’re checking voicemails and emails on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but when you try to leave a voicemail, it tells the caller that the voicemail box is full. 8News also emailed the office. No one has replied. 

On Tuesday, the Virginia Board of Medicine told 8News that Bigg’s hearing was scheduled for this past Friday, June 19, but he requested they reschedule. A new hearing date hasn’t been chosen yet.