HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Residents of a Henrico county apartment complex are speaking out about what they say is a smelly, potentially dangerous, eyesore. A pile of trash sat almost taller than the compactor next to it at the London Towne apartment complex over the weekend.

“You couldn’t even reach the compactor because it’s just feet of trash just piled up,” said resident Ralph Daniel.

It’s been an ongoing issue for about a month now, according to the resident. His apartment window shows he’s not shy about being fed up. “It’s embarrassing. It’s embarrassing to bring anyone even to the complex,” he said. The resident created a banner that says “fix the trash issue” and can be seen from his upstairs window.

The problem started after apartment management removed their dumpsters and replaced them with just the one compactor, according to Daniel. “It’s a large property so the compactor fills up a lot,” he said.

Daniel said it was a change that clearly isn’t working.

“Jaw dropping. Literally my jaw dropped to the ground,” he told 8News, describing the scene over the weekend.

Not only is it an eyesore, but Daniel said it’s a potential health hazard that’s attracting more critters.

He’s reached out to London Towne’s management and the corporate office at least twice with no luck. He turned to 8News for help next.

“I did not get a response back until, surprisingly, this afternoon. After I told them I was reaching out to you all,” he said. Daniel also contacted the health department and is waiting to hear from them.

When 8News arrived Monday, smelly bits and pieces, including some piles of trash, were sitting in several parking lots waiting to be snagged. The massive six foot tall pile of trash near the compactor was largely cleaned up.

Daniel said management told him they’re “working diligently” to clean the mess up, but he’s not sold that the problem is permanently solved.

“I think it’s a show for today. I think if you come back here in several days or even next weekend, it’s gonna pile back up,” he told 8News.

8News is working to get answers from management after we never heard back by email. After walking into the leasing office Monday, we were told our questions have been forwarded to corporate. As of that evening, we still have yet to hear back.

Other residents near the compactor thanked 8News for looking into the problem. Daniel said he’s concerned for the older folks living in the complex as well. Now, some residents have to walk or drive several blocks to get to the compactor.

“There are elderly residents who live at the other end of the community,” he said. “Some of them don’t have vehicles.”

He says the solution is to bring the dumpsters back.

“The smell is also going to get worse, especially as the temperatures start to rise here.”

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News for updates.