LOUISA, Va. (WRIC)–One Louisa woman, who was running low on propane to heat her home says she finally got her tank filled after 8News stepped in.

Laurie Firth, who lives in Louisa County, said her gas tank started to run low during this year’s first winter storm and dwindled down to 20% after going eight days without power.

“Our only way to stay warm was our gas fireplace. We were sleeping in the living room where that was in order to stay warm during the night,” she said.

Firth called AmeriGas on Jan. 7, to order more propane, but said the company told her it would be one week before they could deliver it to her. More than a week later, they still hadn’t delivered it.

She said AmeriGas told her road conditions were too dangerous for drivers and that COVID-19 was impacting their workforce.

“Because we were down to like 19/20%, he’d put us on an emergency fill and I said ‘Well we have two more storms coming this week,'” Firth recounted.

She called 8News and hours later said the propane truck delivered 76 gallons of gas Friday evening.

AmeriGas later sent the following statement to WRIC:

The most recent weather conditions and power outages, along with the COVID impacts to our workforce, have caused delays. We estimate that we will be back to normal operations as early as next week. We’re taking steps to speed up deliveries and have brought in drivers from other areas of the country. We have also added trucks to our fleet to maximize delivery routes. As we work quickly to deliver propane to our customers, we must also prioritize the safety of our drivers, customers, and communities.”


A representative for AmeriGas also said their team reached out to Firth to issue an apology.

While Firth is relieved to heat up her home if another storm hits, she hopes her neighbors get help too.

“During weather like this there are so many people need to stay warm that are have health issues or whatever I don’t feel it’s necessary for it to be happening this way,” she said.

AmeriGas also encouraged customers to reach out if they’re running low on propane.

“To ensure prompt delivery, we’re encouraging our customers to reach out when their tank levels are between 35-40%. It is also important to make sure that driveways are clear of snow and ice,” the company said in a statement. “Ordering or scheduling a delivery online is easier than ever on our website with a MyAmeriGas account.”