Man claims leaks at South Richmond apartment to blame for $1K water bill

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A Richmond man said continuous plumbing problems inside his apartment caused leaks that led to a $1,000 water bill. A dispute has now ensued between the man and rental agency management over who’s responsible for the bill.

Terrell Trafton moved into the Kingly Ones apartment complex, off of Hopkins Road in South Richmond, about two and a half months ago.

All is well inside Trafton’s apartment but that wasn’t the case earlier this fall. He claimed that he reported the leaks but management said he never did.

Trafton told 8News that if he doesn’t pay the bill he could be thrown out on the street.

“They kept just sending maintenance out and it was just appearing, appearing, appearing, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks, leaks,” Trafton said.

He said he submitted maintenance request after maintenance request. Trafton’s problems have added up into a bill for more than $1,000.

“They just keep telling me that I’m responsible for this bill. Which I’m not, I’m hardly here,” Trafton told 8News. “I’m responsible for his leaks? He owns this, I’m just renting.”

King Properties, the apartment rental agency, declined an on-camera interview with 8News but said off-camera that Trafton did not tell them about the leaks and that all of the leaks have since been fixed.

“The apartment was fine before he moved in,” the agency told 8News.

In a letter from late October, King Properties admitted Trafton isn’t at fault.

“This situation, no matter how unfortunate, was unforeseeable and not caused as a result of any fault by you or King Properties,” the letter, which Trafton showed 8News, read in part.

Trafton told 8News he has also reached out to the apartment complex’s private water company to explain his situation. They informed Trafton that the bill must be paid by the middle of the month or his water service will be turned off.

“Obviously there’s a problem going on in this apartment,” Trafton said. “I feel like I signed my life to the devil.”


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