PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Fillmore Place, an assisted living facility that was investigated by 8News for unsanitary living conditions, has been served with a notice of intent from the Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS) to deny the facility’s license renewal.

The notice was reportedly filed on Monday, Aug. 29, and, according to DSS, the facility will have 15 days to appeal the notice. If Fillmore Place fails to appeal, the final decision will take effect 30 days later and residents will have to be relocated according to the DSS Assisted Living Facility Relocation Plan.

“During this period, DSS will continue to conduct monitoring inspections and respond to complaints in accordance with agency procedures and work with other collaborative partners to ensure the continued provision of services to residents during this process,” a statement from DSS reads.

Fillmore Place had been operating with a provisional license after failing its renewal inspection on Tuesday, Dec. 14. State records showed that Fillmore’s provisional license had been set to expire June 11. State regulations allow provisional licenses to remain valid for no more than six months without another renewal inspection. Fillmore Place’s provisional license renewal inspection took place on May 23. Our most recent investigation showed residents were still living in filthy conditions.

Violations for at least two state standards were so egregious and numerous, that “due to the limited space allowed by the DSS computer licensing system, the remainder of the violation is on a separate document and available upon request.” The administrator and license-holder were once again found to be significantly non-compliant with DSS standards.

But the facility still remained open with no decision from the state for three months past the provisional license expiration date, while inspectors completed their investigation from their May 23rd visit.

8News reached out to the Fillmore Place administrator to find out whether or not they plan to appeal but was unable to reach her.