CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield mother is speaking out after she says her 6-year-old daughter was dropped off at the wrong location by a school bus twice in the same school year.

Alexandra Mondrey told 8News she usually doesn’t have any problems taking her daughter to and from the bus stop to go to J.B. Watkins Elementary.

“Over here is where we usually pick the children up,” Mondrey said. “I’ll either be standing over here or parked right here and they usually get off the bus right about here.”

According to Mondrey, the first incident occurred back in September 2022 when her daughter was dropped off at home instead of daycare. Immediately following the incident, she says school officials assured her that it would never happen again.

On Friday, Jan. 6, her daughter got on the wrong bus to ride with a friend and ended up miles away from where she was supposed to be. Mondrey says she was alerted by the friend’s father.

“She really was missing,” Mondrey said. “She could have been anywhere, you know, but thank God, you know, that gentleman found her because it really could have went in another way.”

Mondrey says she was told by Watkins Elementary administration staff that once a student gets on the bus, the responsibility falls on transportation.

8News reached out to Chesterfield County Public Schools for answers, they released the following statements:

Students are assigned RFID cards that are to be scanned against a sensor when students board and exit the bus. An RFID card does not track a student, but will automatically associate the student with the bus they are riding when scanned. Additionally, the points at which the student enters and leaves the bus are recorded. Students without cards must be manually loaded into the system.

The school division is looking into this matter. We have been in contact with the family and will communicate with them directly about this issue.

However, as of Thursday, Jan. 13, Mondrey claimed she has received no answers and the district was dragging its feet.

“This happened last Friday. So that means that from Monday to today, there could have been another child who got caught up in the loop, who could have not been found as my daughter was,” she said.

Since the most recent incident, Mondrey says her daughter has not been back on the bus.