CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield couple is beginning to wonder why they have insurance after coming home to what was supposed to be a repaired home and instead finding sloppy repairs and unfinished work.

The Brown family had an electrical fire in their home earlier this year. The fire broke out in the bathroom causing a lot of smoke damage throughout the house.

Their insurance company, State Auto Insurance Companies, said they would take care of it. They put the couple up in a hotel for months and selected a contractor to make their repairs.

However, when Ida Brown arrived home, she found the new shower they installed wasn’t sealed properly and there was no door, which caused water to go everywhere.

“This is not good work,” Brown said. “The new toilet is also leaking too.”

All that water in the bathroom is causing her cabinet and floors to warp.

“The molding just came on up,” Brown said.

Brown explained that the State Auto Insurance promised repairs that would also include new carpeting and fresh paint inside, due to the lingering smoke stains from the fire.

Yet, Brown said the workers skipped the closets and the living room carpet. She also claims they broke her TV and their doorknob.

The contractors also failed to put a few things back like light switch covers, the exhaust fan and the smoke detectors.

Emmitt, a family friend who asked we use just his first name, has been trying to help the elderly homeowners who felt they were getting the runaround.

“This is terrible, no one should have to live under these conditions,” Emmitt said.

The Browns called their insurance agent to complain about the situation.

“He all of a sudden, he ghost. We didn’t talk to him anymore,” Emmitt explained.

8News contacted the contractor hired to do the work, Sermat Construction Services. The company denied breaking the TV, and allege they weren’t contracted to do carpeting throughout the home. They also said the Browns cancelled a walk-through which would have addressed the remaining issues.

Emmitt told 8News a walk-through would make no sense when there was so much more work to be done.

“It is very disheartening,” Emmitt said.

“I wasn’t looking for them to come in and build me a whole new house inside, just fix my bathroom,” Brown added.

After 8News reached out to State Auto Insurance, a spokesperson told us in a statement:

“We agree that the independent contractor assigned to the claim through our referral program didn’t meet our standards in the quality of the work or our timeline. We’ll work directly with the customer to address their concerns and have already identified a contractor who will complete the work to our customer’s satisfaction, and our own.”

8News has also been told that the independent contractor is already in the process of getting in touch with the Browns.