BRUNSWICK COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Brunswick County family lost most of their belongings in an apartment fire earlier this month. Now, as one of them is being treated for severe burns in Richmond, they are trying to figure out the cause of the blaze that claimed their home.

Talvin Banks woke up to on April 9 to a room filled with smoke. His home — a second-story apartment at the Pinecrest apartment complex in Brunswick County — was on fire.

In the process of getting his family of four out safely, Banks was burned on his hands, elbows and feet.

“I was able to get everyone out, but it wouldn’t go unscathed,” Banks said. “I was still on fire by the time I got outside.” 

Banks is currently being treated at VCU Health for serious burns over 30% of his body. While he is grateful to be alive, he says the past 10 days has been a trying time for him and his family.

While Lawrenceville Fire was able to put out the flames, most of the family’s belongings were destroyed and thrown out of the scorched apartment. Children’s books, furniture and clothes were all charred from smoke and flames and tossed outside. The family also says some items have gone missing.

Now, the Banks family is facing an uncertain future as they figure out where their belongings are and where they will move now.

The Red Cross gave the family $600 and a five day stay in a hotel. Because their covered time in the hotel has now run out, the Red Cross is discussing transferring Banks, his fiancée and their children to a shelter.

Pinecrest previously told the family there was no room to move them to another unit within the complex.

With all of their belongings gone and no renter’s insurance, the family is left with nothing but each other.

“The fortunate thing about it I got to keep  the most important thing ever which is my life and my family’s life, all of them,” Banks said.

While Banks says the fire started in the living room, they also have not received a clear answer from the apartment complex on what caused the blaze.

8News has reached out to the Pinecrest apartment complex and Lawrenceville Fire to find out how the fire started, where the family’s belongings may be and where the investigations stands, but we have received no response.