RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Some Virginia Natural Gas customers may have noticed something wrong with their bill recently after a billing error in January led to people who have auto-pay turned on receiving a bill that says they didn’t pay.  

The error, in addition, to the rising prices are leaving some customers feeling on edge.  

Here is what a customer who had the billing error would see when they logged into their Virginia Natural Gas account:

The red block indicts that payment is late, which is how some customers who enrolled in auto pay found out about the error.  

Autopay is an option in which bills will be paid automatically each billing cycle on their due dates using your default credit card or bank account.  

Customers can also check their billing history and see where the missing payment should have been automatically entered. 

A Virginia Natural Gas customer of almost a decade told 8News that he should have been told about the error.  

“I should have known, and I think everybody else should at least be notified expeditiously so we know that there is an issue,” he said.

Customers who were enrolled in auto pay for the month of January will see that month’s billing amount on next month’s billing cycle. That might look like this on their accounts:

 But the error in billing isn’t the only thing that’s left customers feeling uneasy.  

“There’s just been an increase that I’ve noticed,” the customer said.

The long-time customer said that the rise in prices is making him take a closer look at his budget.   

“It is noticeable especially if you are used to working with a certain budget, then you would definitely notice there was a bit extra on top of your bill,” he said. “It would have helped us out to know if something was wrong to be on the lookout.”  

Virginia Natural Gas did not respond to 8News’ request for comment on the billing issue.