CHESTERFIELD, Va. (WRIC) – A contractor named Crook is paying back his victims after a nearly year-long 8News investigation into unfinished projects in Chesterfield County.

In Chesterfield General District Court Tuesday, contractor Wade Crook returned money he had taken for a job left undone.

“He offered me to give me back my $3000,” Kim Robinson said.  The Chesterfield homeowner hired Crook last year to pave her driveway but never finished the job.

8News exposed that he ripped up the driveway and then skipped out. Our initial report eventually led to his arrest.

In court, Crook returned Robinson’s down payment. She said, “The money is owed to me because he stole it from me.” 

Crook was facing a felony charge of construction fraud and a misdemeanor charge of operating without a license. As part of an agreement, his returning the money reduces the felony to a misdemeanor. 

“I was reluctant on taking it,” admitted Robinson. 

She says she doesn’t want the misdemeanor charge to just be a slap on wrist. Our 8News investigation found Crook had allegedly conned at least four others out of their cash in Richmond.

“He has done this to too many people,” Robinson said. 

In accepting the money, Robinson did leave a statement for Crook and the court. “I said regardless of whether he gave me back my $3000, I still know he is a criminal, because there are so many other people that he has harmed.”

Crook is still facing charges of felony fraud in another Chesterfield case involving some vinyl siding he allegedly failed to finish.

Outside of the court, Crook had no comment. According to lawyers, Crook is planning to pay back the other Chesterfield homeowner he allegedly duped out of money before his next court appearance in August. 

In the meantime, Robinson’s driveway is still a mess.