GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – At least the cost didn’t go higher.

According to the American Farm Bureau, the average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is down from last year, but not by very much. A family of 10 will spend roughly $50 total for the entire meal. That’s $5 per person, and 24 cents less than last year.

“Things are tough now. Food’s expensive. The cost of living, of course, is now expensive so you have to save when you can save,” said Holly Foster of Bernardston.

A big reason why your Thanksgiving meal will cost you less is because of the turkey. A 16 pound Turkey will cost 30 cents less than it did last year. The U.S. has an oversupply of turkey, which is helping to keep turkey prices from going higher. Overall, grocery store and supermarket prices haven’t changed from last year.

“Inflation has been next to nothing you know food as a whole,” said Matthew Deane, President of Foster’s Supermarket in Greenfield. “Beef was up in the early winter but that has stabilized now. We’re just in a good thing right now where prices are mostly the same.”

You’ll also save money on dessert for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin pie mix will cost about 7 cents less and a gallon of milk is 6 cents less.

However, not all your Thanksgiving favorites are cheaper. Bread, sweet potatoes, and fresh cranberries all went up.Never miss another Facebook post from 8NewsFind 8News on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram; send your news tips to