RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Conexus Vision is a local organization that is one piece of the puzzle to making a change in the lives of children in need in our community. Every student in school has to be able to read. If they want to study science, math, history or English, or become the next great doctor or astronaut, it all begins with reading. If a child can’t see, it makes reading next to impossible.

“There are so many great philanthropic organizations in the Richmond community, it is incredible. It is one of the things that makes Richmond so great,” Explains Jeff Baldwin, director of communications for Conexus Vision.

Jeff has been part of many of those great organizations in Richmond. He has devoted his time to The Alzheimer’s Association, The Salvation Army and Feed More. Each organization has a special place in his heart, but what he loves most about Conexus is there is an immediate result.

“We go from a prescreening one week to glasses, if the child needs them within a month. And when the student puts on those glasses for the first time there is a smile and often it is followed with a comment, I didn’t know there were leaves on those trees.”

Jeff explained how this can be overwhelming no matter how many times he sees it happen.

I sat down with Jeff to let him explain what Conexus Vision means in his own words – you can see the passion he brings each day to his job because he knows they are making a difference.

Please consider making a donation. Here’s how Conexus puts the donations they receive to use for kids in need:

For a gift of $10, Conexus can provide a child with a VisionCheck screening.

For a gift of $50, Conexus can provide glasses for a child.

For a gift of $150, Conexus can provide eye screenings for an entire classroom.

For a gift of $500, Conexus can provide an entire day of Mobile Vision Clinic services.

You can make a donation to the Gift of Light Campaign by clicking here.