NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Teamwork means everything when working to save lives,
so a partnership between the American Red Cross and a company that’s 25000 people strong, is priceless

“We are so thankful for our partnership with Newport News Shipbuilding because you are our largest financial supporter in coastal Virginia and you’re also our largest collector of blood,” explains Katie Niehoff, the executive director of Coastal Virginia’s American Red Cross chapter.

She knows all too well how important the collaboration with Newport News Shipbuilding is. This Hampton Roads partnership doesn’t only impact the Commonwealth and Destiney Whitley’s blood donation is proof of that.

“With the app, you can follow the blood journey,” explained Destiney Whitley, an Newport News Shipbuilding employee. “What a feeling. I was just sitting there the other day at the house. My phone went off from the app and my blood had made it to West Virginia hospital where it saved a life. That’s a good feeling and that’s why I do it.”

From blood donations and beyond, Newport News Shipbuilding also made another kind of life-saving donation.

“How this came about is we knew that they’ve had a vehicle in the past that was…. pretty much being utilized for over 16 years,” said Gary Artybridge, Newport News Shipbuilding Community Relations manager.

“It was well over the time that it was supposed to be in this usage. So the Red Cross reached out to us and what we’ve been able to do is get pretty much fully find their new vehicle. We think it’s important for a vehicle that’s providing these different services to be in top shape.”

Services are made possible by teamwork, making the dream work.

“Just to have this partnership means so much to our efforts into our mission,” expressed Niehoff. “Because without you, we wouldn’t be able to deliver life-saving blood and to deliver the mission of the Red Cross.”

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