NORFOLK, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesapeake man pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), 41-year-old Barry King received and distributed approximately four to five kilograms of methamphetamine every month from January 2019 until April 2021.

King reportedly traveled out of the district to pick up illegal narcotics from sources in New Jersey as part of his dealings. In addition to methamphetamine, King reportedly distributed pills that were made to look like prescription medication but were actually cut with fentanyl and other illegal narcotics.

On April 27, 2021, one of King’s suppliers — who became a cooperating witness — reported to law enforcement that they had a vehicle with illegal narcotics intended for King. A search of the vehicle yielded approximately three pounds of methamphetamine, 632 orange pills containing methamphetamine, 794 counterfeit Xanax pills containing etizolam and 51 white pills containing both fentanyl and acetaminophen, according to the DOJ.

Undercover law enforcement also reportedly conducted controlled purchases of methamphetamine from King on two separate occasions.

On April 6, 2022, King was pulled over in a traffic stop where a drug detection canine positively identified the presence of approximately nine ounces of methamphetamine, 596 fentanyl pills and 826 Adderall pills laced with methamphetamine, according to the DOJ.

Prior to his federal court proceedings, King had been convicted twice for drug distribution offenses in state court.

King is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 11, 2023. He is facing a mandatory minimum term of five years and a maximum term of 40 years in prison. A federal district court judge will determine his sentence after considering the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and other statutory factors.