Try as he might, baby can’t stay awake while eating


Two opposing forces: Hungry and tired. What to do?

Baby Oliver decided both was the only acceptable option.

The 13-month-old toddler’s parents Diane and Ryan Hartman filmed their son at their home in Tucson, Arizona as he desperately tried to eat his food — but struggled to stay awake long enough to do so!

Oliver and his twin brother Ethan normally nap after lunch somewhere between noon and 3 p.m. That day, though, Oliver was too awake to fall asleep, Diane told ABC News.

While Ethan slept soundly, Diane decided to give Oliver a cantaloupe and Ritz crackers with peanut butter for a snack. That’s when the sleepiness finally hit him.

“He was dozing and eating for about five minutes before we started recording. Ryan, my stepmom and I were all dying laughing at how cute he was, especially since he’d been fighting napping all day,” Diane said. “We were trying so hard to contain our giggles in the background.”

After video-taping the adorable act for a few minutes, Ryan cleaned Oliver up and put him to bed where he slept blissfully full for the next few hours.

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