POWHATAN COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — It’s been more than a year since Tucker the Pig made headlines during his family’s battle to keep him at their home in Chesterfield’s Brandermill Community.

They got that approval, but would have to reapply for it each year. That’s part of why they decided to move to Powhatan County.

8News anchor Morgan Dean caught up with them to see how Tucker is doing.

“Tucker is loving life,” says his owner Kim Johnson.

Tucker the pig is living the high life these days, and yes, he still likes to try and hog the camera whenever he can.

The pig, who gained fame during his family’s battle for a permit to keep him at their suburban Chesterfield home, got an offer from Powhatan County that they couldn’t refuse.

“We decided to take a look and see what Powhatan had to offer,” says Mark Johnson. “We found this location and fell in love.”

Down a long driveway is 24 acres of rolling hills and fields.

“He’s enjoying life here at Tucker’s Glen. Powhatan has been a wonderful community,” Mark said. “We’ve made our dream home…it’s our little oasis.”

Tucker spends plenty of time outside doing what pigs do and he has a herd of new friends. They include Rosie the Pony, 3 mini horses, 2 mini mules, 4 goats, 3 chickens and 2 bunnies.

“He has a lot more space outside,” Mark said. “He no longer has to go out on a leash outside, which was a condition if we stayed in Chesterfield.”

Even though the house is connected to the barn, Tucker is still an inside pig.

He loves to eat clementines. Moving out to the country with an inside pig has meant a whole new round of questions for the Johnsons.

What’s it like having a 250-pound animal living in the house? The family says it’s like having a huge dog.

What’s he do when he needs to go to the bathroom? Just like a dog, he tells them that he needs to go out.

“He’s a little, big brother,” Joe Johnson said. “He’s one of us — he’s not going anywhere.”

At night, Tucker bunks with 10-year-old Grant Johnson. The pig is not exactly the perfect roommate.

“He’s loud, he snores, he wakes up and moves around,” Grant said.

Tucker’s popularity hasn’t waned any in the year since he moved. He’s still sticking out his snout to help out at charity and community events.

His story will soon have another chapter, with a children’s book.  It will be full of pictures of Tucker. The family is working to get it published.

“He wears hats — we dress him up,” Kim Johnson said. “One of the themes for my books is the many hats of tucker.”

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