NEW YORK (WRIC) — 16 people were injured, at least 10 of them were shot and 5 are in critical condition following a Brooklyn subway station shooting Tuesday morning.

At around 8:30 a.m., New York Fire Department responded to reports of smoke at the 36th Street station in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park neighborhood.

Upon arrival, first responders found that at least five people had been shot and more than 16 people were injured.

According to reports from multiple law enforcement sources, the suspect who fled the scene was wearing a construction vest and a gas mask.

Fire and police officials were originally investigating reports of an explosion but the police department has since tweeted that there were “no active explosive devices at this time.” There were, however, multiple smoke devices found at the scene, according to mayoral spokesperson Fabien Levy.

In a press release later in the afternoon, New York City officials explained that the shooting had happened in the subway car, not on the platform.

At least 11 people are being treated at two local hospitals. The injuries range from gunshot wounds, smoke inhalation, shrapnel and general injuries sustained from the resulting panic.

A train rider’s video shows smoke and people pouring out of a subway car. Wails erupt as passengers run for an exit as a few others limp off the train. One falls to the platform, and a person hollers, “Someone call 911!” In other videos and photos from the scene, people tend to bloodied passengers lying on the platform, some amid what appear to be small puddles of blood, and another person is on the floor of a subway car.

Commissioner Keechant Sewell added that the attack was not being investigated as terrorism, but that she was “not ruling out anything.” Police are still searching for the shooter.

The Associate Press contributed to this report.