Celebrate National Wine Day with red, white and rose

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It’s National Wine Day and we’re clinking our glasses in celebration!

National Wine Day – not to be confused with the holiday National Drink Wine Day – is celebrated annually on May 25. It’s a day to buy wine, appreciate wine and enjoy the history of wine.

Wine has been around for centuries, and there are some health benefits to drinking a glass! Moderate drinkers have lower risks for liver disease, type two diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and some cancers. Wine has also been known to reduce “bad” cholesterol or LDL, and increase “good” cholesterol, known as HDL.

And a glass of wine won’t add to your waistline. According to Delish.com, a 5-ounce glass of wine has just 100 calories, and it’s fat-free and cholesterol free.

So what kind of wine should you choose? If you’re new to the game, we’ve got the tips to make you look like a pro this holiday, including what to drink, and what to serve to make it taste even better!

While there’s no time to break down all the varieties, here are eight main strains according to winefolly.com:


First up, you’ve got your Riesling blend. It’s a white grape from Germany. (Tell your friends that and sound like a connoisseur.) Pair this glass of heaven with turkey or some Moroccan food.

Pinot Gris

Next is Pinot Gris, another very popular white wine! This comes from France, and it’s semi-sweet which makes it very easy to drink! Have it with a salad and some mild cheeses to let your wine do all the talking.

Sauvignon Blanc

Now if you’re trying to sound super fancy, this is the one you’ll want to order (and again impress your friends). It’s a white variety too with a bit of honeydew and melon flavors mixed with a hint of mint. If that sounds tasty … this is your drink! Try it with some fish and goat cheese to kick your fancy up-a-notch.


Chardonnay is a dry white variety as well! The lemon flavor compliments seafood like crab, shrimp and soft cheeses like triple cream brie.

Pinot Noir

Now to the red wines, and let’s start with a little berry picking! Pinot Noir, a light-to-medium red wine, often tastes like cherry and cranberry, but it can even have a hint of black raspberry cola depending on the region where it came from. Enjoy it with veal, duck and cheeses like gruyere.


Feeling fruity? Zinfandel is full of exotic fruit flavors. The medium-red wine goes well with chicken, Thai food and cheddar cheese.


Syrah tastes of blueberry, plum, tobacco, black pepper and more, but don’t let the complexity of the flavor scare you! It’s a red wine that plays well with lamb, beef, and white cheddar.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine. It tastes of black cherry, baking spices, black currant and cedar. Pair this drink with some smoked meats and aged cheddar to properly enjoy this holiday

Now that you know how to properly pair your wines, go drink up and enjoy National Wine Day!


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