RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Expect to BYOB to national parks soon, and no, that doesn’t mean alcohol.

The federal government is phasing plastic bottles out of national parks, with hopes to have plastics completely removed from parks by 2032.

Secretary’s Order 3407 calls for the Interior Department to reduce the purchase, sale, and distribution of single-use plastic products on all federal parklands. The Order is part of the implementation of President Biden’s Executive Order 14057, which calls for federal agencies to minimize waste and support markets for recycled products.

The Order also directs the Department to find nonhazardous, environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastics, such as compostable or biodegradable materials, or 100 percent recycled materials.

“The Interior Department has an obligation to play a leading role in reducing the impact of plastic waste on our ecosystems and our climate. As the steward of the nation’s public lands, including national parks and national wildlife refuges, and as the agency responsible for the conservation and management of fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats, we are uniquely positioned to do better for our Earth,” said the issuer of the order, Secretary Deb Haaland, in a statement.

“Plastic waste is a priority environmental problem,” the release by the Interior Department said. “Less than 10 percent of the plastic that has ever been produced has been recycled, and recycling rates are not increasing. Plastics, including unnecessary and easily substituted single-use plastic products, are devastating fish and wildlife around the world.”