RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Food and Drug Administration has announced plans to ban all Juul products across the country. 

Juul, a type of vaporizer or e-cigarette, has become very popular among teenagers in recent years. It was initially launched as an alternative to smoking cigarettes, according to its website

The FDA ordered Juul to completely stop selling and distributing their products to the U.S. The agency also said that all products currently on the market must be removed immediately. 

According to a press release, the FDA rejected Juul’s application to sell their products, because of potential harm to the public.

“After reviewing the company’s premarket tobacco product applications (PMTAs), the FDA determined that the applications lacked sufficient evidence regarding the toxicological profile of the products to demonstrate that marketing of the products would be appropriate for the protection of the public health,” the release said.

Jay Taylor, the owner of Voltage Vapin,’ said he never sold Juul products, even before the ban, because of the negative effect they’ve had on younger consumers. 

“Their marketing practices were a bit sketchy,” Taylor said. “They seemed to be marketing towards teens and youth and we did not agree with that, as it’s illegal to sell to minors.”

He said it’s easy for people, especially young people, to get addicted to Juul products because of their high levels of nicotine. He said this often led to teens becoming completely reliant.

“You go from nothing to 50 milligram nicotine when traditional vapor products would start around 24 nicotine,” Taylor said. 

He thinks this ban will positively benefit his business since previous Juul customers might turn to other alternatives. 

“Businesses might take a minor hit initially because of the name recognition Juul has, but there’s also products that do the same exact thing, that have the same exact nicotine strings in them,” Taylor said.

Orion McClure, a spokesperson for Cary Street Mini Mart, a local store, said about half of the products they sell are Juul products and earn the shop hundreds of dollars a day.

She said the business will have to find alternatives that they could sell to previous Juul customers.

“We would have to outsource other people and find other things that they’re looking for,” McClure said.

She adds the shop sells disposable nicotine products and might have to stock their shelves with more of those to make up for the lack of Juul products for sale. 

Although this ban might negatively affect the small business because of how much it relies on the selling of these products, McClure is glad she will have to stop selling them to younger people.

“Positively, I think that we could focus on other things, maybe fill up the space with another product that could sell better,” McClure said. “Less vapes, less kids getting hurt.”