NEW YORK (WRIC) —  A gunman in a gas mask and a construction vest set off a smoke canister on a rush-hour subway train in Brooklyn and shot at least 10 people Tuesday, authorities said.

The New York City Police Department has named Frank James as a person of interest in the shooting. NYPD confirmed that James was the person who rented a U-Haul van that police believe may be connected to the incident.

Authorities said they were able to get a photo of James from a video taken by a bystander at the scene.

Frank James (Photo Courtesy of the New York Police Department)

Five people were in critical condition but are expected to survive. At least 19 in all were treated at hospitals for gunshot wounds, smoke inhalation and other conditions.

The shooter’s confirmed identity, and motive, are still unknown. Police did recover a handgun and the shooter’s backpack from the scene. Authorities believe a bullet that had jammed inside of the gun stopped the rampage.

Police were scouring the city for the shooter and found a rental U-Haul van possibly connected to the violence. Authorities also found a credit card at the scene, and are investigating possible leads. The credit card was confirmed to have been used to rent the U-Haul.

Police presence in the city continued to be all out, as the New York Police Department and FBI executed a manhunt for the suspect into the nighttime hours.

The NYPD is offering a $50,000 reward for information regarding the shooting.