Police Tesla runs out of battery during high-speed pursuit

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FREMONT, Ca. (WFLA/CNN) – A Tesla electric patrol car died at the worst possible time!

According to officials, the officer was pursuing a vehicle headed down to the South Bay when the car began to run low on battery power after someone forgot to plug the vehicle into a charger.

The police spokeswoman says Tessa’s battery was at least half-full at the beginning of the shift, which is in line with general guidelines.

Other units took over the pursuit. But officers later called it because it was deemed unsafe. The vehicle was later found abandoned.

“The Tesla wasn’t fully charged at the beginning of the shift,” a Fremont police spokesperson said. “This, unfortunately, happens from time to time even in our vehicles that run on gas, if they aren’t refueled at the end of a shift.”

Police still say the incident didn’t change how they feel about the vehicle, which is being tested as part of a pilot program.

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