(WFXR) — No matter the size or the shape, pet lovers across the U.S. are searching the internet for these furry friends.

A study completed by OurFitPets shows the most googled dog breed was a Cane Corso, leading with 1.3 million monthly searches from states including Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina. The study revealed that people across Virginia have searched for a Cane Corso or a Shiba Inu the most in 2023.

The following is a list of the top ‘most popular’ dog breeds in America with the most google searches:

1. Black Cane Corso
The Cane Corso topped the list as No. 1 with 1,321,800 searches. This large-breed dog is known for being smart, trainable, and a peerless protector. The name, Cane Corso, translates from the Latin language, as “bodyguard dog.”

2. The Boxer
With 867,800 searches is known for its loyalty and intelligence. They are considered bright and sometimes silly. This boxer can weigh up to 80 pounds.

3. The French Bulldog
With 860,901 searches is one of the world’s most popular small-breed dogs and is known for its playful tendencies and large ‘bat ears.’

4. The Australian Shepard
A.K.A. the Aussie, with 860,600 searches is a European Breed. It is a medium-sized dog and can have a penetrating gaze in the eye. Their coats normally have a unique pattern.

5. The Shiba Inu
With 767,981 searches is an Ancient Japanese breed and once was a hunter dog. They are the ‘most popular’ dog breed in Japan and their features resemble a fox.

6. The Golden Retriever
With 703,701 searches are known for their obedience and guides for people who are blind. They are also used during search-and-rescues and are recognized for their gold coats.

7. The French Spaniel
With 678,891 searches has high energy and is friendly with other dogs. They originated from France and are good at playing fetch.

8. The Rottweiler
With 632, 221 searches are gentle playmates and are known to be protective. They have black coats and can sometimes be goofy.

9. The Chihuahua
With 573,100 searches is a small breed dog known for its huge personality. The Chihuahua is a national symbol of Mexico and is one of the oldest breeds in America. They normally weigh no more than six pounds.

10. The Shih Tzu
With 564,681 searches is known for its big dark eyes and is known to be affectionate with children. The small breed dog is great for people who live in apartments or don’t have a big backyard.

11. The Belgian Malinois
With 523,480 searches is a world class-worker and can steal the show with its black pointy ears. They are known to build strong bonds with their human partner and are easy to train.

12. The Pomeranian
With 498,171 searches is your ideal companion with a beautiful furry coat. This small-breed dog can have a contagious smile and a cheerful personality. It is one of the world’s most popular toy breeds.

13. The Border Collie
With 497,280 searches is a high-energy and athletic dog but is always ready for cuddle time when the day is done. This breed is known for its herd instincts and is playful and smart.

14. The Great Dane
With 472,661 searches, aka, the “Apollo of Dogs” are large dogs and is taller than most people. They are a joy to live with and are known to have a sweet nature.

15. The Great Pyrenees
With 471,061 searches are mellow and guardians of their home and family. They are often described as “majestic” and can weigh over 100 pounds. The great Pyrenees are independent and used as herding dogs in the Pyrenees Mountains.

16. The Bernese Mountain Dog
With 465,560 searches is good-natured and can be powerful. They are strong and are one of the four varieties of the Swiss Mountain Dog. They have long silky coats and love to please their owners.

17. The Bulldog
With 442,750 searches can’t be mistaken for another breed. They have unique faces and are loyal.

18. The Pug
With 413,211 searches is known to be mischievous and is a companion of Chinese emperors. It was the mascot of Holland’s Royal House of Orange. This fur baby loves attention and is small but muscular.

19. Saint Bernard
With 409,641 searches is powerful, watchful, and patient. They are known to be ‘nanny dogs’ for children.

20. The Tibetan Mastiff
With 381,981 searches is watchful and calm around the house. They can grow to over 100 pounds and have v-shaped ears. It is known for its dense coat and devotion to family.

OurFitPets says they analyzed the Google search volume of more than 280 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club across the US.