WASHINGTON, D.C. (WRIC) — The Transportation Security Administration has announced that during this year’s Labor Day weekend between Friday, Sept. 2 and Monday, Sept. 5, a total of 8.76 million travelers were screened. This marked the first time the volume of holiday travel screening surpassed the level in 2019, before the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to a release from the TSA, this year’s weekend travel volume reflects 102% of the volume for the same holiday weekend in 2019, when TSA screened a total of 8.62 million passengers.

This year, the TSA screened 2.48 million passengers on Sept. 2 alone, making it the heaviest travel day out of the holiday weekend, the release read.

Additionally, the TSA said it intercepted 67 firearms and prevented them from being brought into aircraft passenger cabins. The TSA has confiscated an average of 17.3 firearms each day at checkpoints since the beginning of 2022. According to the release, at this rate, the department is expecting to catch more firearms this year than in 2021, when they stopped a total of 5,972 firearms at checkpoints across the country.

“TSA’s highly trained and dedicated workforce facilitated secure travel for millions of passengers during the busy summer travel season with very little disruptions at the checkpoint,” TSA Acting Administrator David Pekoske said in the release. “We were also able to continue the deployment of new technologies that facilitate stronger identity verification procedures and enhanced security screening for carry-on bags.”

Those who are looking to plan future trips or have questions about enrolling in the TSA PreCheck screening program for an expedited check-in experience may find more information on TSA.gov. Questions may also be submitted through Twitter at @AskTSA or Facebook Messenger.