PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — UPS driver John Wolford was driving Tuesday when he came across a flipped-over pickup truck in Washougal, Washington.

Wolford stopped, called 911 and checked on the teenage driver. He recognized the young man, Andrew Darr, whose family he knows from making deliveries in their neighborhood. He also realized that Darr was in imminent danger.

Wolford wrapped a tow strap around the door and used his UPS truck to bend the door frame to get him out.

UPS driver John Wolford pulled a teen he knew from the wreckage of a rollover in Washougal, June 29, 2021 (Courtesy: UPS)

“I had a one track mind: it was get him out and get him out safely,” Wolford told Nexstar’s KOIN. “The issue was I had an emotional attachment. I knew whose kid it was, I knew him personally and it was a big deal to make sure he got out OK.”

Richard Darr, Andrew’s dad, said Wolford was a hero.

“I can’t thank him enough. He’s a hero to us, our family,” Darr said. “He jumped in and did what he had to do to get Andrew out of the vehicle.”

Andrew said he’s OK. “I am doing pretty alright, just cuts and bruises, healing up.”

“Life is fleeting,” Wolford said. “Drive slowly and be careful, y’all.”