ST. BERNARD PARISH, La. (WXIN) — A cow was rescued from a tree in Florissant, Louisiana, after floodwaters from Hurricane Ida caused the animal to become stuck in the branches.

In a video shared online by St. Bernard Parish, government employees Tyler Acosta, David Palmer and Roy Ragan, Sr. cut the tree limbs around the cow to help free the animal. The employees used a chainsaw while standing in water nearly waist-deep.

The video went viral, garnering over 75,000 views and more than 1,700 shares on Facebook. 

Hurricane Ida was one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the U.S. mainland and has caused massive damage due to the storm’s high winds and flooding.

Four days after Ida struck, the storm’s aftermath and progress in recovering from it were being felt unevenly across Louisiana.

In New Orleans, power was restored Wednesday to a small number of homes and businesses, city crews had some streets almost completely cleared of fallen trees and debris and a few corner stores reopened.

A revamped levee system protected New Orleans from catastrophic flooding after Ida struck Sunday with 150 mph winds. Outside New Orleans, neighborhoods remained flooded and residents were still reeling from damage to their homes and property. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.