PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — UPDATE: Petersburg has lifted mandatory water restrictions on residents. Utility crews have finished repairing several major water lines.


The City of Petersburg issued a mandatory notice to residents Friday to limit water use due to multiple water line breaks.

Public Utilities Crews worked through the evening to repair the damage, but in the meantime, asked that residents use less water.

By Saturday morning, all major water lines had been repaired, ending the water usage restriction.

Friday’s notice asked that residents restrict use to “those purposes that maintain the public health, safety and welfare of human and animal life.”

The city also asked that residents not water lawns or landscapes, wash cars or fill swimming pools.

The mandatory restriction was expected to last at least 24 hours, or until crews finished repairing the water lines.

8News reporter Aaron Thomas spoke with Michelle Chavis from Kobi’s Soul Food, a local restaurant about the water main break.

“It comes out a little bit slower, like, it spits out a little bit at a time,” Chavis said.

Other restaurant owners we spoke with say the latest water restrictions mean putting in extra work to make sure it’s safe to drink.

Resident Onnoakishea Harrell said she has received three notices in the past week about water restrictions. She questions why the water lines continue to break when the city repairs them.

“I still have to pay that bill,” Harrell said. “So, I have to first boil the water? I can’t just run the tap, and it’s always something going on, but it’s no cut on the prices, you still want that money.”

With restrictions, business owners want to ensure customers looking for a good meal in town shouldn’t have to worry about drinking unsafe water.

“We follow the guidelines, health safety guidelines,” Chavis said.

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