RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Sept. 26, 2022, marks six years since, then 21-year-old Keeshae Jacobs, vanished from the streets of Richmond. Now, her mother, Toni Jacobs, is speaking out about evidence she believes has been ignored by police.

In an emotional press conference, Jacobs’ mother held up a photo of a man named Otis Lee Tucker, claiming he was the last person to see Jacobs before she disappeared. She believes he has information that could lead to her discovery.

“He was the last person and knows my daughter’s whereabouts and what happened to my daughter,” she said. “I’m fighting. I’m fighting with everything in me and it is so hard, so hard sometimes.”

On that evening in 2016, Jacobs told her mother she was going to a friend’s home near Chimborazo Park in the Church Hill Area. The next morning, she could not be reached and has not been found since.

Jacobs’ mother said when she went to that same home, Tucker gave her conflicting information that immediately raised red flags.

“I asked him and he said ‘yeah, I saw Keeshae on Monday at 5 p.m.,’ and then it went to another time, and another time,” she said. “And I said something isn’t right. So it’s not adding up.” 

She also questioned the police about the situation, saying Tucker requested another detective to search his home days after Jacobs’ disappearance. She believes the two had previously been connected in another case.

“For him to call another detective to the house after I had already called police — this wasn’t the detective on Keeshae’s case. I found out later he was prosecuting him [for] something else he did. Why did he feel so comfortable with this detective?” she asked.

“I don’t believe it,” she said. “It’s not right.”

8news reached out to Richmond Police for an update on the investigation but did not hear back.

Still, Jacobs’ mother continues to hold out hope that her daughter will return home with the help of the public.

“Six years is too long and I don’t wish this on my worst enemy — not knowing where your child is,” she said. “So please help me, help my family because it may be your family one day.”

The Jacobs family is now working with the “Re-Open the Case” foundation.

If you have information on Jacobs’ disappearance, you are urged to call your local law enforcement.