VIDEO: Couple survives after power pole impales their SUV


A couple is counting their blessings after they walked away from a massive power pole impaling their SUV.

It started when one pole fell, then a chain reaction of poles tumbled down around them.

“It’s really hard. You kind of think someone was looking out for you,” Tom Cook said.

The fact that the Cooks are safe is nothing short of a miracle.

“If I would see that car as a bystander or someone looking at it, I’m saying people died in that car and the fact that we didn’t amazes me,” Tom Cook said.

They walked away with a few bruises and scars.

“It couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to hit. It saved our lives, I have no doubt,” Tom Cook said.

The couple said they’d been driving, getting ready to check out the jets at Boeing field like they do every day.

Then suddenly they saw a flash.

“Right after the flash, I saw the pole start falling to the ground, and I thought, ‘Wow, we have to find a way out,’” Tom Cook said.

“Just … there were probably dirty words or something like that,” Linda Cook said.

But then after the first pole came tumbling down, 24 more poles came down like dominoes.

Tom Cook said he was scared, but the pole landed right in the center between he and his wife, the car roof caving in.

“If it had hit the glass rather than the roof it would have just come through,” Tom Cook said. “Same thing with the sun roof. And the firefighters said the same thing, had it hit to the left or the right, it would have come down on one of us.”

Rescuers frantically worked to get them out after crews faced a tricky challenge of deactivating live wires.

“I started to open the door, and I heard someone say, I don’t know who it was, say that’s not a good idea because those wires might still be live. And I said, ‘OK, I’ll stay right here,’” Tom Cook said.

They were rushed to Harborview, miraculously alive.

In 31 years of marriage, a son and grandkids, they’ve never been through anything like this, but they have many reasons to be thankful.

“It wasn’t my time, and besides, I decided I wanted to live to be 100,” Linda Cook said.

The Cooks said a huge thank you to the first responders who worked so hard to get them out.

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