VIDEO: Officer Pushes Burning Car Away from Gas Pump


What would you do if you if saw a car on fire right in front of you?

Stop. Run. Or run right to the flames?

Garden City Officer David Dess says he didn’t think, he just reacted.

That’s why he drove right to the site on Minus Ave and Highway 21 Tuesday afternoon where a car was on fire.

“He (a witness) said that was the damndest thing I ever saw,” explained Garden City Chief David Lyons.

That was what witnesses told Chief David Lyons about what they saw Tuesday.

What officer David Dess saw? Trouble.

“We are taught to go in and make the scene safe,” said Officer Dess. “That was my first reaction was to make the scene safe.”

The scene was a gas station where a car was on fire, right next to the pumps.

“There were civilians in the area, there was another vehicle parked next to that that could have been involved in the fire,” said Dess.

So Dess pulled away from his traffic stop, and did just that.

“My gut just said get that car away from that pump,” said the Officer. “So i pulled in, got nose to nose with that car and gave it a push.”

“As soon as I started pushing it was all or nothing. Get this car away from the pumps and hopefully I don’t catch myself on fire in the process.”

“We are all these to quote protect and serve,” said Chief Lyons. “But how far do you take that? Some more than others. He was willing to take it to the limit.”

Chief Lyons says Dess pushed the limit, and went over it for the Community.

“Did he save lives, we will never know,” says Lyons. “I can guarantee you he saved property. even if that car doesn’t explode or those pumps explode, as big as that fire was, something was going to catch fire. And there’s going to be significant property damage if not lives. And he saved all of it, so Hero, yeah.”

“I dont recommend those that are listening try not to do this at home,” said Officer Dess. “Its one of those things  at that time it wasn’t just about me it was about making sure those in the area were and making sure the citizens of Garden City were safe.”

Dess and his police dog Arie were just fine, and amazingly so was his car too.

The fire was out in a few minutes.

The store’s owner as well as several witnesses all called the Chief to give Officer Dess credit for going above and beyond.

The Chief plans to award Dess for bravery, and put him up for several statewide honors too.

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