BLACKSTONE, Va. (WRIC) — A vape and tobacco shop based in Blackstone is facing enforcement actions after it allegedly sold illegal products containing THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — without proper packaging or labeling and sold those products to an underage customer.

According to the case filed by the Office of Attorney General Jason Miyares, these products were sold by Blackstone Tobacco, which allegedly did not have child-resistant packaging, were not labeled indicating the products contained THC, were in the shape of an animal and lacked an ingredients list.

Additionally, it is alleged that the products did not have a label with a serving size, nor the total percentage and milligrams of THC contained in the product and in each serving.

This action comes after the office alleges that three underaged customers experienced adverse reactions to edible gummies containing THC that were purchased at the store.

Last June, the Office of the Attorney General announced a crackdown on illegal THC products. Afterward, Virginia law was amended to ban THC products from being sold in packaging designed to resemble trademarked products, in addition to child-friendly products shaped like people, animals, vehicles or fruit.

These amendments allow the Office of the Attorney General to pursue legal action against businesses in Virginia that may be selling these products.

The enforcement action has resulted in a $12,500 settlement. In addition to the monetary relief, the Office of the Attorney General said Blackstone Tobacco will be required to stop the following actions:

  • selling or offering for sale of THC-containing products to consumers under 21
  • selling or offering for sale of THC-containing products without proper labeling as to the products’ contents, and without child-resistant packaging
  • manufacturing, offering for sale at retail, or selling at retail industrial hemp extracts or THC-containing products that depict or are in the shape of a human, animal, vehicle, or fruit
  • selling or offering for sale any THC-containing products with ‘copycat’ packaging or wrapping (that bears another company’s trademark, trade name, famous or other identifying mark or any likeness thereof)
  • selling or offering for sale any substance that contains a synthetic derivative of THC
  • selling or offering for sale a tropical hemp product without a label stating that the product is not intended for human consumption

The settlement, in the form of an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance, was filed for approval with the Nottoway County Circuit Court.