RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Life After Justice hosted a Mother’s Day brunch Saturday morning to honor the mothers of two men behind bars.

Life after Justice is a non-profit dedicated to preventing and overturning wrongful convictions. The advocacy group hosted their “Still She Rises” brunch to honor Ferrone Claiborne and Terrence Richardson’s moms.

Ferrone and Richardson are currently serving life sentences for the murder of a Virginia police officer in a Petersburg prison — a crime they say they didn’t commit.

8News has been following the story for years as the non-profit looks to get the convictions overturned. Their mothers say they will fight for justice until their sons make it home.

“With Mr. Adams working on the case he has a good chance of stepping out her a free man, and that’s what we are looking for,” said Anne Westbrook, the mother of Terrence Richardson.

Jarrett Adams is representing the two men as their case moves forward with the Virginia Court of Appeals. Adams was wrongfully convicted of a crime and spent time behind bars before he got his conviction reversed with the help of the Innocence Project.

After that experience, he became a lawyer to fight for justice for others. Claiborne’s mom said they won’t give up the fight.

“They’ve been fighting for us really really hard and so we are about to break through now and my son is about to be returned to his rightful place which is home with me and his family,” said Brenda Allen, the mother of Ferrone Claiborne.