RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Ridership on Amtrak trains in Virginia has hit an all-time high, after more than 110,000 passengers rode on state-supported Amtrak trains in July, according to the company.

The first train from Richmond to Washington, D.C. left Main Street Station a year ago this month, and ever since the expansion, ridership has grown.

There were 28.9% more passengers in July of this year. In July, more than 12,000 people hopped on the train between D.C. and Richmond, which is 26% more passengers than in July 2019.

The Virginia Passenger Rail Authority’s COO said the numbers show Virginians want more passenger rail to be a part of their transportation network.

The agency has also just resumed the second round trip from D.C. to Newport News, which had previously been suspended because of COVID-19.

Two new roundtrips were launched in July, and VPRA plans to continue further expanding service throughout the state.