BLACKSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — Apple season has just begun in some parts of Virginia, and through the next month, many more varieties of the fruit will ripen across the Blue Ridge.

The Virginia Cooperative Extension has announced the dates that different apple varieties found in Virginia will become ripe, so you know exactly when your favorite type will be perfect for picking. Dates for regions east of the Blue Ridge may be five to 14 days earlier.

Date apples will ripen in order of earliest to latest in the season:

  • July 1: Lodi
  • July 13: Earlycrisp
  • Aug. 12: Ginger Gold
  • Aug. 15: Redfree
  • Aug. 20: Gala
  • Sept. 8: Jonagold
  • Sept. 16: Red Delicious
  • Sept. 20: Golden Delicious
  • Sept. 23: Empire
  • Oct. 12: Rome
  • Oct. 20: Winesap and York
  • Oct. 25: Fuji and Arkansas Black

Apple Orchards in Virginia