RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It seems that every day, a new scam pops up looking to take your money and sensitive information. Now, the American Bankers Association is now leading the charge against fraud.

Security experts and bankers are urging Americans to be vigilant against phishing scams, which are designed to trick you with trustworthy-seeming emails, text messages and phone calls.

Some criminals might pose as your bank or even a government official, and they will often send a fake fraud alert or a spoofed email asking you to log into your account.

The scammer’s ultimate goal in schemes like these is to get you to reveal personal information, such as your bank account information or your credit card numbers.

In response to the recent uptick in scams, the American Bankers Association is launching a national campaign called “Banks never ask that” to educate people on common scams and how to avoid them. The campaign includes tips on spotting scams, how to make a secure password and how to get your money back if a fraudster gets it.