RICHMOND, VA (WRIC) — With over half a million in Virginia, college students could play a key role in determining control of the General Assembly following next week’s elections. 

According to the Virginia Department of Elections (ELECT), college students are allowed to vote in Virginia, even if it’s not their home state. ELECT says your college dormitory can be used as proof of where you live. 

“So, Virginia law allows for college students to be able to cast their ballot either in their home jurisdiction or at their college, it’s just based on that college student’s personal preference,” Richmond General Registrar Keith Balmer told 8News. 

Like all voters, students will need proper identification. If your home address is in Virginia, that can include a driver’s license, passport, or student ID. You’ll still be allowed to vote if Virginia is not your home state, but you’ll need to bring something other than a driver’s license as proof of identification.

“So, the protocol as far as ID is concerned, as far as your driver’s license is concerned, it needs to be your Virginia driver’s license in order to be able to cast a ballot,” Balmer explained. 

Balmer adds that college students, like all Virginia residents, can take advantage of same-day voter registration. 

“It will allow students to be able to register to vote and cast a ballot on Election Day, but that ballot that they are going to cast is a provisional ballot — and that ballot won’t be actually counted until post-election when the registrar, myself, meets with the electoral board to determine the eligibility of these college students,” said Balmer.

Early voting in Virginia runs through November 4th. Election Day is November 7th.